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Academy Scholarship

Scholarship: An Introduction
At Utah Airways, we have a deep love and passion for Aviation, and we want to share it with the world and to better our Community. That’s why we developed the Utah Airways Academy Scholarship Program. With the Academy Scholarship, our goal is to provide a successful career path in Aviation for under privileged members of our community, who lack the resources and access to make it a reality.

Scholarship: The Details
For individuals who qualify for and are awarded the Academy Scholarship, all costs associated with the necessary training to become a Commercial Pilot, such as required tools and equipment to do the Job, will be provided free of charge! This program will take that individual from zero aviation knowledge and zero flight time and experience, to a minimum of 250 hours of flight time; through this training, they will become a fully certified Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor.Scholarship: Training Requirements
After being awarded the Academy Scholarship, each student will be required to train, daily, 5-6 days a week for 6-10 months in order to complete the necessary training. At the completion of their training, our Pilot Career Counselor will help with professional commercial job placement for all graduates.

Scholarship: Training Details
When the student begins their training with Utah Airways Academy they will follow this general training program:

1. Each student will begin by training for their Private Pilot’s Certificate, the first step in their professional pilot career. They will learn the fundamentals of flying an airplane.
2. After successfully completing their Private Pilot Certificate, the student will begin their Instrument Rating training. They will learn the key aspects of flying in and around different weather conditions.
3. After successfully completing their Instrument Rating training, the student will begin their Commercial Pilot Certificate training. In this process, they will learn the finer points of flying and refine their knowledge in order to earn their certificate and maximize their earning potential as a Professional Pilot.
4. After the student receives their Commercial Pilot Certificate, we will teach them how to fly bigger and more powerful airplanes, such as multi engine aircraft and how to handle complex aircraft systems.
5. After the student has successfully completed the Academy training and becoming a professional pilot, we then will train them to become Certified Flight instructor, themselves. As part of this training, we will give them a job at the Utah Airways Academy to help train others to become professional pilots.

Scholarship: Job Placement Counseling
There are many Career paths in aviation, and our professional pilot job counselors will help students choose which to pursue.What’s Next?
To apply for the Academy Scholarship, you must:

1. Fill out the form below
2. Upload a video to YouTube in which you explain why you want to become a professional pilot.
3. Send link to your video to When uploading your video, please use the following hashtags: #BorntoFly #FlyUtahScholarship #UtahAirways.We are excited to be working with our communities and with various sponsors to provide an exciting pilot career opportunity for up to twenty Academy Scholarship students.

Scholarship Application

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The Utah Airways Scholarship

*To be selected you will need to be 18 years old or 18 by November 2019 when selection occurs,  you will need to be a US Citizen, or USA Resident with Appropriate documentation, be drug free, and be able to pass a FAA first Class Medical.  Eyesight must be corrected to 20/20 (AKA Glasses are fine) you cannot be a diabetic, or on any disqualifying drugs. See the following Link for Medical Requirements:

**Other Restrictions may apply

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