Additional Services

Utah Airways offers a Variety of Services in aviation:

Aircraft Management services

Utah Airways will help you to over see and Manage the Maintenance and flights of your aircraft ensuring you or the Pilot we provide have the qualifications and experience to help keep every flight as safe as possible.

Ferry Services

Utah Airways can provide you with a pilot to help get your aircraft to where you need it when you need it.  Wither you are purchasing an Aircraft out of state and are looking for a qualified pilot to transport it or if you want to get your aircraft to a location closer to you so you can use it where you are.

Trip Planning/Mentoring Services

Have you every wanted to fly down to Mexico, or up to Alaska, or through the Caribbean,  with our Trip Planning and Mentoring services you can have a qualified experienced Piot walk you through the steps and ease the stress of the unknown.  Want a mentor pilot to fly with you we can arrange that as well.

Aircraft Leasing

Do you own you own aircraft and want to see if you can offset you costs of owner ship, look into our Aircraft leasing program where we will lease your aircraft for a specified hourly rate and help you to offset the costs of ownership, our Leasing opportunity comes with a  discount Maintenance rate to help you reduce your operating costs further.  Each Leasing Agreement is Specialized for each of the owner’s Individual desires and we will build a leasing plan that works for both you and us. Wither that is adding the aircraft to the academy or to the 135 charters we can build a solution that fits your needs.